3 Good Reasons to Join a Local Investors Club

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to be in that super cool club? Well, you can STILL be in a super cool club, even as an adult! There are all sorts of fun clubs and groups to join as a grown-up! And, bonus…if you’re a real estate investor, there’s an even bigger reason to join, besides the fact that it’s “super cool.” (I’ll get into those reasons in a minute.)


Now, I know some of you are thinking, “Cool! I love clubs!” and, honestly, you probably don’t even need to read this. But I also know there are other of you who are thinking, “Ugh, I hate clubs,” and that’s why I need you to keep reading.


So hear me out. There are lots of great reasons why you SHOULD join an investors club…reasons that beneficial to both you AND your bank account. Now let’s get into them!


Reason #1 – Ability to talk with like-minded people

Most people prefer to talk with other people who agree them. It’s human nature. There’s comfort in the familiar, and having a heated debate every time you speak with someone gets old pretty quick for most people. And this is the beauty of adult clubs. Everyone who’s involved with it not only WANTS to be there, but chances are, many of them have the same ideas and viewpoints as you. This can be inspiring and empowering, especially for new investors who are still dealing with some uncertainty about the industry and their own abilities. Talking with other investors who share your interests and concerns and joys is just…fun.


Reason #2 – NETWORKING

So all that talking you’re doing when you’re with the group? Yeah, that’s called networking. And it’s literally one of the most important things you can do to propel your real estate investment business forward. When you connect with other people, you’re adding them to your network and expanding it, creating opportunities for yourself that may present themselves now or in the future. Make sure you take some of your cards with you, and keep your phone fully charged so you can add new contacts. Don’t forget to connect with them on social media as well! You just never know when that lightbulb will go off and you’ll say, “Hey, maybe so-and-so can help with that!”


Reason #3 – Improved lead generation

The final reason I’ll present to all you club-hesitant folks is one that is sure to sway you – because there are dollar signs at the end of it. When you go to a club meeting, and you get to know people, and you’ve been networking, it is virtually guaranteed to result in some solid leads. You’re only one person, after all. You can’t know everything about every property in every market, so naturally, it makes sense to listen to others and see what they know. You can do exactly this at these clubs, and you’d be surprised at the tidbits you’ll pick up – and what people are simply willing to tell you because they like you. Like I said, dollar signs.


Fortunately, for most people, finding a great local club isn’t that difficult. Most big cities in the U.S. have local meetups for real estate investors, but even if you live in the middle of nowhere, you can find an online group to participate in. Now go forth and find your tribe!


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