5 Real Estate Investing Podcasts Worth Your Time

Are you a podcast person? I am. I like listening to them while I’m driving and working out. While the occasional true crime series will grab my attention for awhile, I mostly stick to what I’m really interested in – real estate investing.


You would be amazed at the amount of knowledge I’ve gleaned just from tuning in. Everything from tips on scouting new cashflowing properties to how to deal with crappy tenants – there’s a podcast for it. And the best part is, this doesn’t take any extra time for me at all to learn all this cool, new stuff! I’m already stuck in the car driving, or at the gym doing my thing, so I would either be listening to music or getting annoyed at traffic or the guy who didn’t re-rack the weights. Instead, I’m furthering my real estate investment education!


Here are the 5 podcasts that I’ve found most helpful and that I highly recommend:



This one is my all-time favorite. It’s a weekly podcast hosted by BP (the real estate site, not the oil company) founder Josh Dorkin and another investor, Brandon Turner, where they cover anything and everything related to real estate investing. The format is more of a casual chat than a formal lecture, and everything from successes and failures to lessons learned are covered. The best part? The real-world, actionable advice that’s given each and every week.


Real Estate Success with Jim Ingersoll

Jim is an experienced and respected investor, so why would anyone NOT want to give him a listen? One of the things I like about his podcast is the huge variety of topics he covers, including different investment and funding strategies, which is usually backed up by plenty of personal experience.


The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast

Sean Terry is the host of this podcast, and he’s another experienced investor who’s bought and sold over $120 million in real estate since he started investing a few years ago. His approach is aggressive, and while that may not be everyone’s style, it’s certainly worked for him. He has a lot of great insight to share, and with episodes covering everything from the importance of following up leads to mastering your marketing strategy, it’s worth a listen.


Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Fun fact: this is the longest running daily podcast about real estate investing. If that alone doesn’t convince you try an episode or two, how about the fact that Joe Fairless has invested in over $400 million in real estate, and he started with absolutely nothing? That story alone is a fascinating tale, but Joe’s interviews with other investors are what really interests me. All these real-life perspectives give me a lot to think about and learn from.


Turnkey Real Estate Investing

I gotta throw at least one turnkey-specific podcast in the mix! I like this one hosted by Matt Theriault who covers the gamut of what it means to be a turnkey real estate investor.  He talks about strategy, how much work you’ll actually need to do, how to master a truly passive approach, and why turnkey investing is a viable option for anyone. Basically, me and Matt speak the same language. Definitely give this guy a shot!

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