Turnkey Investing

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Turnkey investing offers investors all the best things that real estate investing has to offer and eliminates the most significant downsides. Put very simply, turnkey real estate investing allows real estate investors to invest in performing properties that are either new or fully rehabbed with renters already in place; all that needs to be done to begin generating revenue is to “turn the key.” It’s like investing in a small, established business; the location, business model, and revenue stream are fully established and ready to go. As a turnkey investor, you get to take advantage of the opportunity to invest in properties in the hottest, most profitable properties in the country, regardless of where you live, that are ready to generate revenue on day one without the headaches of renovations, repairs, or landlord responsibilities.

Critical to the success of a turnkey investor is the right partner. US Real Estate Equity Builder (USREEB) is the right partner for you. Our team of real estate professionals brings over 100+ years of combined experience to the table and a long, proven track record of sustained, stable growth in our investment portfolio. Consider the following strengths USREEB adds to every single one of our turnkey clients:

  • Property Management. One of the biggest headaches of real estate investing is property management. Being constantly on call to fix leaky plumbing or a broken air conditioner is not only exhausting, but also costly in both time and money. Your headache is our biggest strength; property management is the heart of our business. We stand by all our work.
  • As we mentioned earlier, our 25 employees have over 150+ years of combined experience in real estate, property management, and construction management. We acquire 30-40 properties each month, and we rent anywhere from 30 to 40 properties each month. We have dozens of clients across the US and around the world and can provide you with a list of satisfied clients as references to our professionalism and success. You can count on us to be here for you today and in the future as you grow your investment portfolio with us.
  • We know the Kansas, Missouri, and Ohio real estate markets. We know why buyers prefer one area over another, even down to specific blocks. We know the heart of the area; our team understands the reputations of certain neighborhoods and we have an ear to the ground about upcoming issues that might affect the local economy. We provide insights into the local real estate markets that you cannot find with a Google search.
  • USREEB believes that building and maintaining client relationships begins with clear and transparent communication. Every investment is significant to both our clients and to USREEB. We communicate clearly and frequently with each and every client about issues large and small.

Eliminate the hassles of real estate and invest in turnkey real estate with USREEB. You’ll see consistent growth and returns with minimum risk and maximum profitability. Our team takes the guesswork out of the investment process. Create long-term wealth by investing in prime real estate. Call us today to get started.